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Extending the lifespan of fresh-cut flowers: Part two. Mixed bouquets, delicate flowers, and exotic species

Part one of this article was more of an introductory course into the science of extending the life of flowers, as it dealt with rather endurant, low-maintenance species. Today, let’s delve deeper: for one thing, we will master the art of taking care of a mixed bouquet, and secondly, we will touch upon species that are more delicate, require complicated care, and tend to wilt instantly only because somebody gave them a dirty look, blurted out a nasty word or let them get in contact with some moonlight.

Taking care of a composite bouquet: the buttercup

Extending the lifespan of fresh-cut flowers: Part one

One of the Brothers Grimm stories that predated “Beauty and the Beast” begins with a young daughter asking her father to bring her a rose in the winter — and we all know how well that turned out. Let’s not repeat her mistake and ask for the impossible: nobody can guarantee that fresh-cut flowers, even when gifted with sincere best wishes, will stay that way forever, let alone in less-than-ideal conditions. When a florist — even a master florist — composes a bouquet, that’s just the start of its journey, as any floral arrangement also requires correct care and handling! Fortunately, has been in the business long enough to know exactly how to make cut flowers last longer. This article will get you started!

Making cut flowers last longer: the alstroemeria

The autumn rose, a star incarnate: the legend behind the aster

Have you ever wondered who was the first lover to promise to get his beloved a star from the sky, to whom we owe the English word “aster,” and what this flower is called in Hungary? Make yourself comfortable. Today, we are going to talk about the secrets of the aster: a star-like beauty, that, although winter is around the corner, continues to blossom and tell its story to its celestials.

Floral legends: the aster

Is it 1 or 101? The messages hidden in how many flowers you give

A most hearty welcome to the blog by, an international flower delivery service! In our pilot blog entry, we thought it seemed appropriate to talk about the general role that flowers play in our lives, and discuss the concept of a language of flowers, which, obviously, is a topic worthy of an entire series of articles. Specifically, did you know that even the number of flowers in a bouquet can convey symbolic meaning, so you can send a message to somebody just with how many flowers you choose for a floral arrangement? Let’s dig in!

Even the number of flowers in a bouquet can convey symbolic meaning.
Flowers are stories, and the number of flowers is significant!