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Floral Greetings for Meeting Guests at an Airport

Are you looking for how to transform an ordinary meeting with a family member, friend, or life partner into an unusual, memorable, and meaningful event? Floral greetings at an airport are a very thoughtful and charming gesture. Flowers cheer people up, and even the aroma of some blooms can increase the energy of a tired flight person.

But you should not hurry up to buy flowers at a gas station just before greeting someone at the airport. Take some time and think about all the nuances of such a greeting. The following tips can help select and present flowers to arriving guests.

Airport hustle and bustle and flowers

Gift Exchange and Flowers of Courtesy

Gift exchange is a core element of business etiquette and Japanese cultural customs. Varied occasions call for you to give gifts to your boss, colleagues, or friends in Japan. Previously we wrote about the Giri choco on Valentine’s Day and White Day. You should bring an omiyage home from your trip. In addition to the end-of-year gift of Oseibo, the middle-of-year gift of O-chugen is an expression of gratitude. Business associates, students, and teachers exchange gifts. So, when you receive them, you should also reciprocate.

With thousands of years of culture, history, and beliefs, Japan is a country where things may mean more than you think. For this reason, learning the dos and don’ts of Japanese gift-giving is significant.
We researched the mid-year O-chugen gift exchange and put together a few tips to help you to select perfect flowers of courtesy in the O-chugen season – and hand them over without any faux-pas.

Ochugen - gift exchange

Lucky Flowers for Weddings Make the Day

Flowers are one of the major decor elements that every wedding has — but most couples have no idea how to choose them or how to budget out. It’s not just their beauty that makes wedding flowers particularly special or lucky. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the strong scent of herbs at weddings would scare away evil spirits. Moreover, based on their folklore, flowers aren’t just a way to ward off bad energy.

A lot of cultures believe certain flowers attract good luck as well as being auspicious. And you may be surprised to learn how many flowers are not only beautiful but can bring good fortune.
Today we will explore a list of flowers that will work well and a few popular ones that you might want to avoid at the wedding ceremony.

Lucky flowers for weddings; Wedding tent

Funeral Flowers Etiquette: The Best Support to Send for a Death

Life has a beginning and an end. A cut flower symbolizes the passing of life: just as it quickly withers and dies, so does human life pass quickly. A loved one’s death is a time of grief and sorrow, and we can change nothing. In any case, sending funeral flowers shows that you care, and it is comforting to the family. A flower arrangement is a beautiful way to express your condolences to the family. Funeral flowers etiquette has relaxed over the years and is quite simple.

There has been a tradition associating death and plants since ancient times. According to the Greek myth about the rose, it appeared from the blood of the murdered beloved of Aphrodite – Adonis. Slavs used Spruce to symbolize immortality: they wove wreaths from them for the dead. Each nation has its own beliefs regarding mourning floristry, which you should learn by choosing a wreath or bouquet. Now let’s explore several features of funeral flowers etiquette.

Funeral flower cascade

White Day is a Reflection of Valentine’s Day: Dark Chocolate and White Marshmallows

In Japan, you can enjoy many traditions and interesting cultural features. Geographically isolated, Japan’s culture is rich, diverse, and authentic. It is a rather unusual tradition for us that women give boxes of dark chocolate to men without asking anything in return on Valentine’s Day in Japan, and men do appreciate them on White Day. The world’s most romantic holiday could not undo strict Japanese traditions, but it could inspire more!

As a culture, the Japanese observe a strict set of traditions and customs. Respect for yourself and others is the number one rule in Japan. Thus, White Day appeared in Japan as a direct result of Valentine’s Day; to even things out. Previously, we discussed the features of floral gifts on Valentine’s Day. Today, besides learning about Valentine’s Day in Japan, we’ll also discuss White Day, a holiday directly related to Valentine’s in Japan.

White Day: Man opening a present

The Lunar New Year: Customs, Traditions, and Beliefs To Improve Gifts

Gunpowder, fireworks, silk way, and dragons entered our lives long ago. Despite their differences, all of these are infused with East Asian culture. The culture of East Asian countries is present in all of these, one way or another. The tradition to celebrate the New Year on the lunar calendar provides another opportunity for a fresh start and excitement for new adventures. Several East Asian countries such as South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Tibet, including China, have their own customs and traditions of celebrating the Lunar New Year. And each country’s celebration dates vary.

Each pattern has many symbols and meanings. So, for instance, an ancient Celestial Empire culture left behind many fascinating things for the descendants to explore. China has a culture steeped in tradition that hasn’t changed in centuries. And we would like to talk about the floristic Lunar New Year customs, traditions, and beliefs connecting with this festival.

Lunar New Year: customs. A traditional golden amulet on red background


The spirit of Christmas. Is it worth to decorate an office on Christmas holidays with flowers?

We spend a lot of time at an office, sometimes even during the holidays. And why not, work comes first after all! So why not put some effort into decorating the workplace too? Decorating the office for the Christmas holidays is a great way to spread festive cheer, lighten the mood, and bring the organization together.

Decorating an office: office-worker presents a bouquet to his colleague

Corporate bouquets, or what flower arrangements can create

Who said that beautiful plants have no place in the business world — austere and gray? Dilute its monotony with bright floral colors! A well-designed flower arrangement will liven up the working environment of partner companies, boost the status of your company, or express respect. The most important thing is to fulfill all the requirements for creating or choosing a corporate bouquet.

Choose a corporate bouquet

Flowers and the occasion: your guide to their perfect marriage

There is an art to giving gifts, and an arrangement of freshly cut flowers can enrich any festive occasion with a dash of bright colors and a wave of good vibes, in addition to imbuing any present with that elusive something. But would any kind of flowers befitting for any occasion, or is it important to tailor the species, the colors, and the presentation to a specific one? Professional florists agree that it is, and adhere to a whole set of rules about flower choices for every holiday or personal occasion under the sun. A bouquet of classic red roses is not a one-size-fits-all solution: for greater effect, always go with what fits best. Today, let us explore the best flower choices for the most popular occasions!

What’s new in bouquets? Flower-giving trends of 2021 and 2022

Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Indeed, fashion affects almost every aspect of our lives and transforms everything around us.

That definitely includes flowers: year after year, florists and horticulturists seem to come up with a brand-new vision of the bouquet that says “now,” along with all sorts of exciting solutions to create unique and truly contemporary floral arrangements. Let’s take a tour of the hottest styles, modern flower arrangement practices, and the best colors to use in a bouquet!

Modern flower arrangements: natural look