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Exotic Flowers in Bouquets

Flowers are the best way to brighten somebody’s day, and why wouldn’t they? Adding fresh blooms to anyone’s day will instantly make them feel better. Many bouquets are designed especially for a particular occasion these days. And above all, you can express unique emotions through bouquets, making them a perfect way to commemorate any occasion. Whether you need a lovely bouquet for a special occasion, or to make your loved one’s day a memorable time, the exotic flowers will brighten up any day. Today, let us explore which of them will be the best choice for creating bouquets.

Exotic Flowers with Four Buds on One Stem

Flowers don’t solve all problems. But they are a good start.
A folk wisdom

Since ancient times, amaryllis has symbolized magnificence, dignity, strength, and pride. As a result, it became a tradition to give them to unreachable and beautiful girls as a token of appreciation.

Amaryllis looks like a lily. Floristry uses artificial varieties because the majority of plants that grow in the wild are odorless. Artificial ones have large buds and a delicate fragrance. The color of the petals varies from white to dark purple. In one bud, several shades may be present at the same time.

In modern floristry, specialists use amaryllis to create elegant mono-bouquets. They do not require any additional floral components since up to 4 buds can form on one stem. Florists often use them as an alternative to lilies. In the cut state, amaryllis can stand up to 6 days.

Amaryllis in elegant mono-bouquets

Beautifully Flowering Exotic Hydrangea

If you strive to emphasize modesty, devotion, and sincerity, choose hydrangea for this purpose. Also, it symbolizes hope, which will assist you in this.

Hydrangea has large curly leaves and bright inflorescences that seem light and airy. Hydrangea means “a vessel with water.” Perhaps this explains why the hydrangea loves water so much. There has long been a belief that exotic flowers possess magical properties. It is considered that hydrangea can scare away misfortune and illness. It was actively used in rituals.

Beautifully flowering hydrangea is used in composition with wildflowers, gerberas, roses, peonies, freesia, and carnations. And, at any rate, in conditions of cutting, inflorescences can stand up to 10 days.Beautifully Flowering Exotic Hydrangea

Rich and Spectacular Character

Romantic persons and an expert in natural beauty love soulful bouquets of campanula. Campanula is one of several genera of flowering plants in the family Campanulaceae commonly known as bellflowers. They take their common and scientific names from the bell-shaped flowers. Campanula is Latin for “little bell.”

Bellflowers are exotic flowers in bouquets, and it makes them more desirable. Campanula looks most harmonious in compositions of wildflowers and various summer arrangements. In addition, thanks to the high stem and rich palette of inflorescences, many bellflowers can gracefully complement vertical floristic installations and all kinds of seasonal bouquets.

In the varieties of Campanula, especially the middle bell goes for cutting.  It is a traditional flower of a classic English garden called Canterbury bells in its homeland. It is this variety that often grows in most European countries. They are recognizable flowers with racemose white, pink, blue, blue, or purple inflorescences.

The flowering of this species has a rich and spectacular character. The plant’s stem is covered with quite large bells, making an indelible impression on both gardeners and connoisseurs of bright bouquets. And undercutting conditions, it can be alive for up to 10 days.

Capanula are foreign or non-native

Exotic Flowers: Daisies, just Daisies?

Actually, experts rarely prepare bouquets with a Daisy. It arrived in Europe from Asia and the Mediterranean. In the Middle Ages, people used these exotic flowers as medicinal plants. There are about 30 varieties of this flower. However, florists create arrangements only from perennial daisies.

In bouquets,  exotic flowers symbolize purity and innocence. Therefore, florists use daisies to decorate weddings. We wrote about this previously. Delicate pink, yellow, and redbuds look harmonious with roses and many other traditional flowers. It is possible to survive up to 10 days after cutting.

Daisies as exotic flowers

Florists and Ladies’ Favorite

Earlier we wrote about this bright representative of exotic flowers in bouquets here. Today we will just remind you about it.

Lisianthus or another name for this plant is Eustoma, Irish rose, and Texas bluebell. Lisianthus’s buds look like the buds of a barely blossoming rose. A wild plant usually blooms in various shades of blue. Albeit Eustoma hybrids have red, white, yellow, pink, or apricot shadow buds. Moreover, it is possible to find exotic flowers that combine several tones at once or have contrasting borders along their edges.

Florists use refined and delicate flowers in the preparation of wedding compositions combining them with roses, peonies, and orchids. Eustoma gives the composition airiness and tenderness. Besides undercutting conditions, the buds can stand for up to 21 days.

Exotic flowers in pastel shades


Now we are interested in which among the mentioned exotic flowers you find most interesting. Please, write in your comments. We greatly appreciate your opinion.
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