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International Secretary’s Day – a Tribute to Administrative Assistants

The secretary is the essential and indispensable assistant of any leader. They are the people who represent the firm. In addition to a beautiful appearance, the secretary must necessarily have a sense of style.  An assistant, having the ability to dress beautifully, speak competently, and behave in society, forms the company’s first impression on customers. The first impression prepares a decision to continue dealing with the firm or not. International Secretary’s Day pays tribute to administrative assistants for their hard work.

Secretary's Day: The secretary makes a phone call

Secretary or assistant: Ancient Times and Modern Life

Wherever my work may take me in the near future
even if you should see me one day within the fortress –
you can always count on me as your reliable assistant.
Hjalmar Schacht

The profession of secretary was purely male in ancient Rome. The word “secretary” comes from the medieval French word “secretaire” and originally meant a confidant person. Moreover, only men of noble families could choose this profession.

By the end of the 19th century, even special courses appeared that taught this prestigious occupational sphere. But with the advent of the typewriter, more women began to hold this position, and after the First World War, there were almost no male secretaries left.

Today, the administrative workers’ team consists of a secretary, office manager, press secretary, assistant manager, receptionist, and call center. Their tasks require great responsibility, concentration, good memory, competent speech, communication skills, resistance to stress, and skills in working with computers and other new technologies. But when did Secretary’s Day appear in the calendar worldwide?

Secretary's Day: Different presents

National Secretary’s Day and International Administrative Professionals Week

Due to the efforts of New York publicist Harry F. Klemfuss, the United States began to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day in 1952.

Traditionally, Secretary Day is a part of the Administrative Professionals Week, which has also become traditional in the United States. The holiday is celebrated annually on the Wednesday of the last week in April.

In 1952, “administrative week” fell on the first week in June and was named National Secretaries Week. And the Wednesday of that week was called National Secretaries Day. The National Secretaries Association sponsored by supporting some corporations the new professional holiday.

National Secretaries Week was moved to the last week in April in 1955.  Then it became Professional Secretaries Week in 1981. Finally, in 2000, the week became Professional Secretaries Week.

Secretaries are not the only ones to celebrate this holiday. Other office workers are also celebrated: office assistants, office managers, speechwriters, employees who conduct office work, assisting presidents and heads of firms and enterprises.

According to some estimates, this profession is one of the five most sought-after. And at present, administrative workers are not only secretaries, whose duties include only receiving phone calls and planning the boss’s work schedule. They are highly qualified and experienced specialists, and the business’s success largely depends on them.
This holiday is not a non-working day, but all organizations are happy to honor specialists in this profession by holding awards, giving gifts, and organizing parties.

Secretary's Day : The secretary's workplace attributes

The Most Common Ways of Recognizing your Administrative Professionals on Secretary’s Day

Let’s look at what you can please your employees on this day. In general, on this day, the secretary can give everything. We should advise you to approach the choice of a gift very responsibly. Of course, when asked what gift is the best for a secretary, many who are in the office from early morning till night will answer that the most expected gifts will be an envelope with a cash bonus and a day off.
A certificate of appreciation, presented with a bouquet and a bonus check, given to your favorite secretary as part of an office celebration should do quite nicely.

A cup of coffe with a cake for your assistant on Secretary's Day

What presents can make the day of any secretary so that they continue to succeed knowing that the СEO and all employees appreciate their work? As the activity of a secretary in an office is multifaceted, so deciding on a work-related gift is easy! It can be:

– a stylish gift for an office worker is a fountain pen;

– various creative stationery that can bring a smile to their face during mundane tasks;

– jewelry or desk organizer – to make their office space more inviting and friendly.

If you know about their passion for growing plants, give them flowers in an original pot. It will be a marvelous and fashionable gift.

Maybe you know what kind of sweets your assistant prefers. Combine beautiful and delicious – give your secretary a bouquet of sweets. Present a designer candy bouquet or a cake and coffee set.

You can choose any gifts that please your assistant, but modern business etiquette requires you to accompany this gift with flowers. Learn more about flower-giving trends for 2021 and 2022 in one of our previous posts.

Yellow and red gerberas

Fresh flowers and plants carry special positive energy. Please your assistant on the Secretary’s Day.


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