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Masculine Flowers for Business Partners

A corporate gift may be necessary at some point in your career. And, of course, flowers are an excellent choice for many occasions. You can use them to thank a client, celebrate a significant company milestone, surprise a colleague, and more. With various flowers, picking a masculine flower arrangement is a serious but enjoyable task.

We have done some research, and now we are ready to share the results of it with you. We have brought together the most popular types of flowers associated with masculinity, and more practical gift ideas to pair with different flowers. Let’s dive into the world of masculine flowers and discuss how they can improve your relationship with business partners.

Masculine flowers: collage

Giving Flowers to Men or Not – The Decisive Moment

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

Henri Matisse

You may think women are typically the recipients of flowers. However, everyone loves to receive flowers, and men are no exception. Why not expand your gift ideas and consider surprising men with flower bouquets? Whether you need to send them flowers to show appreciation, love, congratulations, or just because, there are many bloom options to choose from that they will love and make their day brighter.

Nevertheless, there is no rule about masculinity, so people can relish whatever blossoms they desire. To help you get started, we’ve listed the most popular ones! We’ve gathered some information to make choosing the perfect flowers easier. Here are some tips to steer you in the right direction while you look for suitable masculine flowers.

Tips and Tricks on Giving Masculine Flowers

When it comes to making a masculine bouquet, don’t shy away from choosing bold and rich colors – maroon or deep red, purple or orange and yellow. You can even opt for more neutral colors like white. Make sure to avoid more pastel colors, such as pink.

Flowers with striking shapes are the best for men. Robust and bold varieties of flowers with intriguing structural petal shapes make for the most masculine bouquet. Furthermore, be creative and use a vase made of wood or metal instead of the traditional crystal one. A new favorite beer mug can even be used for a practical and charming display.
Get inspired by scents from his favorite cologne and opt for flowers with a more robust and spicier odor, such as carnations, that have a clove-like smell.

Don't shy! Choose bold and rich colors

Masculine Flowers – Gifts for Every Occasion

Looking to give them flowers for a specific event? There are the perfect flower varieties and gift pairings to send your congratulations and well wishes. Floral gifts paired with interesting items will surprise them, put a smile on their faces, or even melt their hearts. From birthdays to Father’s Day, we have the perfect masculine flower and gifts for them here.

Orchids symbolize pride and maturity, and it makes them a great flower for a man. By themselves, these are unique flowers, so a basket with meat and cheese snacks accompanied by orchids will be an exclusive present. This combination is sure to delight their senses and warm their heart.

Fruit and snack baskets complemented with yellow hue tulips radiating happiness will surely spread cheer.

Congratulating them for any great accomplishment, such as a promotion, deserves flowers that symbolize courage, faith, hope, and admiration. What other magnificent flower could we be talking about besides the bold and stunning iris!? They will go well with their favorite beer, spirits, or soft drinks and will perfectly cheer them up.

Choosing the bird of paradise flower is a perfect option. This masculine plant is known for its beautiful orange, crane-like flowers. It is a unique tropical plant that does not require special care. A designer bouquet with them will be a great gift. It is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Masculine flower gifts

Father’s Day Flowers

Moms aren’t the only ones that should receive flowers on their day! Previously we talked about choosing flower gifts for Father’s Day here. Undoubtedly, among your colleagues or business partners, some proudly bear the title of father. Father’s day is the perfect opportunity to surprise them with a flower gift to decorate their office space or home. Celebrate Father’s Day and treat them to some masculine flowers to accompany your other gift items.

Although technically not a flower, lucky bamboo makes a great gift to give and makes a fresh addition to their desk. Combine the bamboo with a gift certificate. Your choice of sunflowers may brighten their Father’s Day! Sunflowers are a great masculine flower because of their bold, yellow color and universal appeal. Pair this bouquet with tickets to a sports game or concert for an elegant and surprising gift!

A fun succulent will surprise them on Father’s Day too. These air-purifying plants are a unique spin on your ordinary florals and make a gorgeous plant for an office. Pair succulents with a basket of dark chocolates and coffee to give them extra energy on their busy days.

A uniqie masculine flower - orchid

Birthday Masculine Flowers

Wish them the happiest of birthdays with some masculine flowers. Here are some popular types of flowers and gift ideas to help ring in their birthday celebrations.

A birthday cake and peace lily will be a sweet surprise for those celebrating their birthday. Peace lilies are not only easy to care for, but they’re also the perfect houseplant.

Cupcakes and a bouquet of gerberas will make their birthday extra bright. This combination of sweetness and beauty will bring much-needed brightness and joy to their celebrations. You might also consider a variety of daisies that symbolize cheerfulness and is suitable for a recipient of any age.

Men’s flower - Peace lilies


In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that ladies aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a lovely floral bouquet. We hope that it will be easy to show how much you appreciate your colleagues or business partners with these masculine flower ideas and gifts.

Be sure to choose suitable masculine floral gifts beforehand to ensure your gift arrives on time.





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