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The Christmas wreath: a sacred symbol or just a home decoration?

Christmas is just around the corner, and the brightest pinnacle of the winter holidays is, of course, a lush fir tree. In our previous article, we also talked about the origin of the flower of the Holy Night — another Christmas staple, the poinsettia. But among all the gorgeous winter decorations, the adorable Christmas wreath, also called the Advent wreath, deserves a truly special place! Is it really a meaningful attribute of any Christmas, or just a flashy piece of décor? Why do we adorn our homes with wreaths for the Christmas holidays? Today, let us explore how the custom to decorate the house with a holiday wreath appeared, and talk about the related traditions.

young woman in a rocking chair in front of a fireplace decorated for Christmas

The flower of the Holy Night for the altar of the Holy Virgin

One of our previous articles described ways to create a festive spirit using fresh flowers. Today, let’s talk about an adorable plant that happened to become a famous decoration for Christmas celebrations — the poinsettia. The priests named this unique plant “flor de Noche Bueno,” or Flower of the Holy Night, and they used it to decorate the altar of the Holy Virgin. This plant became strongly associated with Christmas and is a popular seasonal decoration. Every year in the US, approximately 70 million various cultivars of poinsettias are sold over six weeks.

Decorations of the altar of the Holy Virgin


The spirit of Christmas. Is it worth to decorate an office on Christmas holidays with flowers?

We spend a lot of time at an office, sometimes even during the holidays. And why not, work comes first after all! So why not put some effort into decorating the workplace too? Decorating the office for the Christmas holidays is a great way to spread festive cheer, lighten the mood, and bring the organization together.

Decorating an office: office-worker presents a bouquet to his colleague

Corporate bouquets, or what flower arrangements can create

Who said that beautiful plants have no place in the business world — austere and gray? Dilute its monotony with bright floral colors! A well-designed flower arrangement will liven up the working environment of partner companies, boost the status of your company, or express respect. The most important thing is to fulfill all the requirements for creating or choosing a corporate bouquet.

Choose a corporate bouquet

Angelica, marigolds, rose, acacia, or What dreams may come

The symbolism of flowers inspired many famous writers, artists, and composers. The world of flowers is stunning. Like music, they create an exciting state of beauty. They can dance in the wind, bring happiness, and highlight any occasion.

When we look at them, we get great pleasure and a sense of contact with something beautiful, which must be why flowers are one of the most popular themes in art.

Composers have often used the symbolism of flowers to convey the nuances of human feelings in their music. There’s hardly a flower in the world that no composer ever wrote about! Today, let us talk about their symbolic power.

The fantasy world of flowers


Flowers and the occasion: your guide to their perfect marriage

There is an art to giving gifts, and an arrangement of freshly cut flowers can enrich any festive occasion with a dash of bright colors and a wave of good vibes, in addition to imbuing any present with that elusive something. But would any kind of flowers befitting for any occasion, or is it important to tailor the species, the colors, and the presentation to a specific one? Professional florists agree that it is, and adhere to a whole set of rules about flower choices for every holiday or personal occasion under the sun. A bouquet of classic red roses is not a one-size-fits-all solution: for greater effect, always go with what fits best. Today, let us explore the best flower choices for the most popular occasions!

Rooted in history: flowers used as symbols of state

Today, let us explore the fascinating topic of using flowers as national symbols — something that began to happen when the first nations were born. One of the first coats of arms, or at least its prototype, appeared in Ancient Greece where seals with embossed flower shapes were used to verify documents. And just like roses, lilies, and carnations adorned the shields of medieval knights, several countries of today sport orchids, chrysanthemums, and rhododendrons on their national colors and coats of arms — times may change, but flowers remain!

Flowers as national symbols: Ukrainian flag landscape

The latest in haute cuisine: flowers!

Some of you must have seen gorgeous desserts decorated with flower buds, and many people think those are just there to provide a nice look, and use their fork to gently put them aside rather than to consume them. Too bad! Today, flowers are an ingredient of haute cuisine in their own right: no longer just a delicate, fragile thing to grace the meal, but something that can bring out an amazing taste in even the blandest of foods, lending a truly royal grandeur and chic to any dish.

Candied blossoms used to decorate cakes and other sweet goodies are perfectly edible (candied rose petals are nothing short of delicious!), widely included in jelly, jello-based desserts, and refreshing drinks, — and that’s just one example; more on that in our recent overview of edible blooms. Today, let us explore the delectable topic of flowers as food in more detail!

Flowers as food: floral ice cubes

Edible flowers: where, how, and which ones to use?

It turns out that flowering plants are not just for decorating our gardens and windowsills: their blossoms can also serve as an excellent garnish for desserts, salads, cocktails, and many other dishes. In addition to aesthetic beauty, edible flowers will enrich even the simplest food with an extraordinary aroma and health benefits. Today, let us explore what blooms can be edible, and where and how exactly they are used.

Edible flowers: petals in a cone

Flowers and sports? A mix for the ages! History of the Olympic bouquet

Being an athlete is a ton of pressure, and for those who want to end up standing on a winners’ podium holding an Olympic bouquet, the choice is narrow: either go for the win, or bury all your hopes in soft couch pillows. By extension, the awards on those huge global events also tend to reflect this make-or-break mentality, even if they are floral! Today, we are going to explore the history of the Olympic flowers, a trademark of a true winner.

Olympic flowers: the Olympic rings in blossoms