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Corporate Bouquets or how flowers help business.

Are you planning a festive event or negotiating a big business deal? A floral gift is a stylish way to impress your colleagues and partners. Corporate bouquets are a staple of the modern business world: they may be charming and simple, or luxurious and exclusive.

It may be appropriate to present a floral composition to a colleague on their birthday or to thank a long-term business partner. You can also mark a company’s anniversary with floral arrangements. We have previously discussed how flowers affect a business; today, let’s talk about business etiquette regarding corporate bouquets.

An elegant corporate bouquet


Corporate bouquets and business etiquette

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful;

they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.”
Luther Burbank

Many modern companies make floral gifts a part of their corporate culture. A business bouquet is an excellent option for creating a friendly atmosphere or encouraging a business partner to complete the deal. There are several types of composition, depending on the person who will receive flowers:

  • For professional holidays florists make bouquets of roses, alstroemerias, carnations, and gladioli and can additionally decorate with accessories that emphasize your type of business.
  • In an office, floral arrangements are customary to give for the birthdays of colleagues or bosses. For such occasions, it is best to focus on the preferences of the birthday person. When it doubts stick to the classics that will make your good wishes clear.
  • Mini-bouquets will act as a complement to business partners, which can help improve the mood of your negotiators and encourage successful cooperation.
  • Beautiful bouquets can be arranged to decorate offices and meeting rooms before a meeting with business partners. Also, the decor of exhibition and presentation halls often consists of floral compositions made from fresh flowers. An essential requirement for flowers is a simple design and avoiding sharp fragrances in plants.


Thus, corporate bouquets serve as a good greeting for co-workers; they contribute to establishing a friendly atmosphere during negotiations and creating a positive image of the company for customers and competitors. Usually, fresh living bouquets decorate the conference room for meetings and the reception area, helping to brighten the mood of such rooms.

Corporate bouquets: Delicate freesia is classic of the genre

For a co-worker, a partner, or a boss: what bouquet is best?

In business, a bouquet is not a trifle but an important tool that can affect the course of negotiations or the general atmosphere in the office. Gender, age, and position all play a role when selecting a business bouquet. Negotiations with other countries require respect for their traditions. It’s not advisable to give white asters and lilies to Swedes because they are also associated with mourning; white chrysanthemums in China signify mourning, and red flowers in Latin America symbolize blood and death. When choosing bouquets for corporate clients, you should consider that business etiquette requires the presence of a business card in each bouquet.

The decorations should not contain sparkles, bows, or distracting details, and it is better to give business partners compositions with short stems. And, of course, the corporate bouquets should not scratch, cling to clothes, or prick.

The position of the recipient affects the size of the floral composition. The boss receives the most extensive bouquet, while the other employees receive smaller ones, based on their position. As for the type of plants, there are also many nuances.

Corporate bouquets: flowers for a boss

Roses or exotic anthuriums, amaryllis, and orchids

It is necessary to consider age-related features. It is customary for older people to give bouquets of roses or carnations. Modern design floral gifts are more suitable for young people. It is traditional to present roses or gerberas to the head of the financial or legal sector. Representatives of the creative sphere will suit unusual, unique compositions. In light of this, you should remember that there are no distinctions between women’s bouquets and men’s ones in the business world. This means you shouldn’t think about gender when selecting bouquets. If you give a woman a bouquet of roses, make sure it does not suggest weakness or inequality.

By the way, roses are the most appropriate option for business etiquette. Men may also receive them, but only in red or white, while women may receive flowers in light colors. In recent years, there has been a rise in exoticism in business etiquette. If there is amaryllis, orchids, or anthuriums in the composition, your bouquet will make only a pleasant impression.

Exotic is a trend of any season

The key to a successful business is thoughtful corporate bouquets

Flowers are an integral part of modern corporate culture. Today, more and more companies adhere to business etiquette, such as giving colleagues bouquets on their birthdays or selecting a composition that will win over their business partners. In some cases, the outcome of negotiations with clients depends on the skillful design of the business space with living plants.

Bouquets reflect an organization’s values, favorably presenting its activity among representatives of other groups. When it comes to business reputation and increasing your financial viability, you can use expensive corporate bouquets or exclusive ones, but be fair and thoughtful.

Roses are versatile for any occasion.


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