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Floral Accents and Your Home

A time-honored home interior design element is a flower arrangement. Want to freshen up your home? Well-chosen floral accents can perfectly decorate any home’s interior. An aesthetic solution that combines flowers and a vase enhances the choice of blossoms. Previously, we have written about the use of flower arrangements to decorate offices and hotels. Now, it’s time to discuss brightening your home with flowers!

You can’t decide what to select: an elegant and bright bouquet or a trendy and cool one? Today we have prepared seven tips on using creative flower arrangements ideas as floral accents for your home interior.

floral accents for your home interior


Floral Accents as Heralds in the Hallway

In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.
Okakura Kakuzo

A floral entryway greets the homeowner. The combination of purple hydrangeas, callas, and dahlias in tall bouquets will add stylishness, sophistication, and luxury to your hallway. Vases should have sculptural elements and a neutral color scheme to match compositions.

Lofty plants in a stylized pot will look gorgeous in a room with high ceilings.

Floral accents and entry

Floral Accents and Luxury Living Rooms

In the living room, the centerpiece is the dining table. A round table looks impressive with a single centerpiece. A rectangular table can be accentuated with multiple vases. A trio of dark vases creates a sophisticated arrangement for this dining table. Each vase may contain roses, hydrangeas, lilies, or succulents. Room flowers’ aesthetic demands bloom arrangements of different heights in this case.

They should be balanced but not flat.

A rectangular table can be accentuated with multiple vases

Bedside Beauty

A bouquet of beautiful flowers is an excellent way to decorate your bedside table. The benefits are not only visual. By adding flowers to your space, you boost the person’s energy.
Your bedroom is the last place you end up at night and the first place you wake up in the morning, so creating a pleasant environment is the key to maintaining a positive mood.
Nevertheless, stay away from oversized arrangements, as you’ll want to leave room for a bedside lamp, your favorite nightly books, and any other knick-knacks or essentials you want around you.

And, of course, the most appropriate choice for decorating the bedroom would be pink-coral roses and peonies, accompanied by eucalyptus sprigs in a gold-colored vase.

Try to stick to a style that compliments any lights on your nightstand.

a pleasant environment with floral accents

Color and Texture

You can transform your living space just by using flowers of different shades and textures. A vase with textured stems set on a table will create a rugged aesthetic. At the same time, a painting with abstract motifs and several natural objects will add an organic atmosphere.

We suggest changing your color scheme to give your interior a new look every few weeks. The purple palette echoes the lilac armchairs. However, it will be organically combined with emerald green or pink fuchsia flowers.

A square glass vase with large purple bulbous flowers on a coffee table will add scale and texture to the room. The contrast of large flowers with a smooth glass vase and table will also help.

A square glass vase with large purple bulbous flowers on a coffee table

A Simple Addition with the Best Results

Often in interior design minimum effort can equal maximum impact. This concept is also proper when using flowers and plants to distribute floral accents in the interior. Sometimes a little addition delivers the best results. After all, design is all about the details – quality, not quantity. If you find the perfect balance between elegance and casualness when decorating coffee tables, then your living room will become irresistible in its sophistication. Additionally, try placing your favorite flower or plant on a coffee table for an eye-catching effect.

A single plant in a black pot brings fresh color and texture to this sleek, pure arrangement of floral accents on the countertop.


A single plant in a black pot

Floor, Mantelpiece, or Vacant Window Sill

Choosing floral accents is like a game. And as a consequence of this, we suggest thinking outside the box by distributing floral accents in the house. The space is not limited to tables and sideboards.

A vibrant bouquet of tulips in a gold vase brings a fun touch to this space. And without any doubt, a small mono-bouquet of hydrangeas in a square vase will add unexpected sophistication to a luxurious drinks cart.

Consider placing potted plants on the floor, mantelpiece, or vacant window sill for an extra bit of whimsy.

Floral accents on the floor, mantelpiece, or vacant window sill

Floral Accents and the Repeat Technique

Without a doubt, rotate your arrangements around your interior to keep your space fresh. Experiment with floral shelf styling in your home by using similar flowers to grab the eye. It would be better to try a few varying compositions of different colors to create a tonal effect. The benefits of using the same arrangement more than once are visible. The repeated technique is quick to execute and easy to switch up.

To transform your apartment, it is not necessary to saturate its decor with some expensive items. Bright floral accents in the interior solve this dilemma. This is why the method is simple and highly effective, so designers often recommend it.

Using bright floral accents easily fits into different styles and trends of modern design.

Bright floral accents in the interior

Now you learned seven tips on using flowers as floral accents for your home interior, what next step?

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