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Hospitality Business and Floral Design

There is something special about the floral design in the interior, which organically combine with any design materials and architectural solutions, cooperating with them and creating a single whole space. Today there is even such a thing as “floristic interior tuning”, which means comprehensive work on the interior, combining the principles of engineering design and floral design. At the same time, designers pursue one goal – to create an expressive and cozy interior, while emphasizing the purpose of each room.

But sometimes flowers dominate a particular room to the point where they are the only decorative feature. Therefore, many hotels have long been inviting specialists in the field of floral design to collaborate to improve the design of the hotel space. Moreover, some hotel chains perceive floral solutions as an element of corporate identity.

Earlier we talked about how flowers help businesses. Today we will discuss how floral design helps businesses to succeed in the hospitality world.

Floral design of open area in hotel

Hotel Style

A flowerless room is a soulless room, to my way of thinking;

but even one solitary little vase of a living flower may redeem it.

Vita Sackville-West

Flower arrangements have become an indispensable element of landscaping the open common spaces of the hotel – patios, solariums, terraces and balconies, summer cafes, and bars. Plants are vital indoors for people. Moreover, they improve indoor air quality, increase humidity, and immerse guests in an atmosphere of warmth and homeliness.

Before decorating the hotel with flowers, it is vital to understand its internal style. The use of lush, complex flower arrangements will be inappropriate if the main direction is minimalism. This design is best suited for classic styles. Any room can benefit from the addition of plants. If the general trend of the hotel is a cozy rustic style, wildflowers are the best suitable for the interior.

Minimalism in floral design

Flowers Like a Form of Hotel Identity

In a complex system such as hotels, flowers are elements such as furniture, dishes, and designer finds form the identity. Many hotels have their flair, such as decorating the central staircase with flowers or decorating each bathroom with a large orchid.

Modern designers use complex floral arrangements to decorate the hotel interior. It is a creative and technically challenging piece of work by florists. A composition should express some idea or theme with colors or even depict the event. Additionally, they fasten the flowers that rarely grow next to each other in a bouquet. In this case, the floristic composition will become beautiful and an independent decoration.

Compositions in floral dishes are installed on particular stands or directly on the floor. Table flower arrangements look very impressive, especially when florists combine the colors of the vases and material with the table cover. Moreover, the size of these compositions can vary from very tiny to giants (about 99 inches). Everything depends on the final goal and the place chosen for the bouquet.

Floral design solution in decorating of hotel lobby

Creating Lasting Impressions with Floral Design

When designing hotels with plants, specialists should consider many features: firstly, the purpose and direction of the space, whether it be family rooms, hallways, stairwells, or public areas. Secondly, the purpose of the plants themselves, either decorative or medicinal (some plants help relieve tension, fatigue, and arousal, they calm and improve sleep).

Every hotel that decides to decorate its interior with floral design should pay attention, first of all, to the so-called “open access areas”: the reception desk, the lobby, restaurants, and cafes. The reception desk and the hall are always in sight. It is often the first thing the guests see arriving at the hotel. That is why florists create special flower arrangements to decorate these areas.

Reception and flowers

Restaurants and cafes are one of the most visited places in any hotel. The atmosphere in them certainly affects guests’ moods and contributes to the overall impression of the hotel. And, of course, flowers become an essential element of table decoration.

If there are several restaurants in the hotel, then they, as a rule, differ from each other in style and color scheme. In this case, flower arrangements are created differently for each interior.
In addition to the above places, corridors often have floral decorations too.

Two Golden Rules of Floral Design in Hotel

As for the rooms, it is simply necessary to decorate them with flowers. They add an aesthetic impression to comfort. And it is also very vital. But the essential point is to remember a few simple rules.

First and foremost – the flowers should not have a sharp fragrance. Pollen is a very hard allergen and can cause discomfort and irritation even in a healthy person. That is why roses, orchids, gerberas, and callas are the most popular in decorating hotel interiors. They have no fragrance or practically do not have it, and besides, they belong to the flower “high level of society” because in our world, everything, even plants, has a status.

"High level" of floral society

Secondly, although many designers consider it an essential part of their creativity, the golden rule of the floristic is to surprise the client. Specialists try to get ahead of nature by including flowers out of season in their compositions for this purpose. Human psychology prompted the use of this technique. We are always attracted to what others do not have, what stands out against the general background, and what is not easy to get.

A Real Art

Although many florists call their work a craft, in our opinion, it is a real art. Flowers are like gems. Each flower has some meaning. For example, orchids, popular in hotel floristry, symbolize love, sophistication, and family comfort. Roses are a sign of a happy life, and tulips are a symbol of trust. Chrysanthemums are a friendly arrangement.

Tulips are flowers out of season

But it is worth noting that, despite the presence of fashion trends, they are not as strict as in the world of high fashion. And first of all, florists create a floral composition for the intended interior. Hotels striving to create such conditions for their customers understand that flowers are a good helper in this case. In addition, from an aesthetic point of view, it is beautiful.

For a hotel, flower decoration, in general, is of particular importance. Staying in a hotel room a person still wants to feel at home, as comfortable and cozy as possible.

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