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Anthurium – a Favorite Plant of Florists

The flowers used to make bouquets are not only garden plants but also exotic varieties. Some of them can be grown in your garden or on the windowsill. A favorite plant of florists anthurium is among them. Experienced florists use these flowers when composing arrangements. Businessmen and politicians enjoy these flowers in their bouquets, as they symbolize success in the workplace.
Today we will tell you why anthurium is the favorite flower of florists worldwide.

Favorite Flowers - Pink Anthuriums

A Favorite Plant: Flamingo Flower or Flower of Love

In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends.
Kakuzo Okakura

Anthurium is a spectacular tropical plant with bright flowers and attractive foliage. It is the largest genus in the Araceae family. Despite their appearance, anthuriums have the name “flamingo flowers.” Previously, we have already talked about exotic flowers from South America. Due to the bizarre exoticism of bright red, pink, or white flowers, anthurium is noble and refined.  People name it the “flower of love.” In its natural environment, the flamingo flower grows in Central and South America.

There is one legend about the origin of anthurium. The bloodthirsty leader wanted a beautiful girl from a neighboring tribe to become his wife. He was rejected and furious. Captured the tribe, he also took the girl. On the wedding day, the desperate beauty rushed into the fire lit by the leader’s servants. However, the gods decided her fate differently. She did not die and turned into a delightful anthurium flower.

Residents of the Colombian tropical regions believe that red anthurium brings prosperity and happiness to the family. Young couples decorate their homes with anthurium flowers. Bouquets do not fade for a long time and delight the newlyweds throughout the honeymoon.

Delightful anthurium flower

Floristic Benefits of Favorite Plant

In floristry, anthurium belongs to a group of plants of great importance. The flower has a variety of colors and a smooth texture with a metallic sheen. The catchy and even aggressive anthurium’s beauty is associated with a vital activity. Temperamental pressure and the inflorescences directed upwards symbolize a truly masculine principle. Therefore, this flower becomes an indispensable basis for the best men’s bouquets.

Florists like this plant for the plasticity of its stem. Due to this advantage, the flower can take various positions in the most complex compositions.

Anthurium wedding bouquets are popular among modern brides. Flowers create a stunningly beautiful contrast to the snow-white wedding dress, look very impressive in wedding photos, and prophesy a long and happy life in love and prosperity for a young couple.

Elegant Favorite Plants


Logical Explanation

During many seasons, this flower has not lost its first ground and is considered one of the most popular in the preparation of bouquets. But there is a logical explanation for this choice.

Noble and elegant exotic favorite plant with rich red, pink, white, and even chocolate brown flowers with original bracts always looks bright and passionate at the same time. For this reason, sometimes, anthurium is  called the “flower of love.” In fact, the flower on anthurium is a bright bract (modified leaf) that protects the inflorescence – a compact cylindrical ear of hundreds of small real flowers.

In addition, Anthurium is an ideal decoration for events in a tropical style. After all, the tropics are its homeland.
A varied color palette allows you to use Anthurium in almost every floral arrangement. This flower looks great both in low bouquets and in high ones. Oh yes! Anthurium also lends itself perfectly to staining. That is why it became the favorite plant of florists worldwide.

Exotic white plant

A Favorite Plant as an Addition to a Composition

There are varieties that, even without auxiliary paints, complement the work elegantly. Here are some of them:
Among the classics in the genre, Red Amor is a bright representation of the Aroid family. It perfectly complements spectacular and passionate compositions and goes well with other ornamental plants.

Anthurium Midori appeared artificially. The main feature of the variety, of course, is its color. It has a cup-shaped bract of a deep green hue and perfectly emphasizes the color range of other plants in the bouquet.

The name Anthurium maxima already speak of the main feature of the variety. And certainly, it has a beautiful appearance. This variety has a white bract with a bright crimson tip that protects the crimson bud.

Anthurium Previa has an alluring soft lilac shade and looks stunning in floristic works. So, it is a perfect component of men’s arrangements and bridal bouquets. Compositions with it are gentle, elegant, and attractive.

Lovers of everything noble will choose the Black Queen. Its color changes from red to dark. The dark one, in turn, looks very unusual in arrangements.

We would like to know which of them can become your favorite one from your comments.

Noble and elegant variety


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