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Floristry Trend 2023: Measured Minimalism

To make someone feel special or to show respect and gratitude, you can give them a bouquet or an unusual composition of flowers based on the floristry trends in 2023. When choosing a trendy bouquet, an important aspect will be how the arrangement embodies modern ideas and new traditions of designing flowers in 2023. They will be very different from the designs of past years.

Previously, we have already talked about floristry trends in 2022. Today, we will talk about what you should pay attention to choosing a modern bouquet, as well as the most desired and in-demand flower arrangements this year.

Floristry tendency


Measured Minimalism as Floristry Tendency

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky,

in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, and what is happening.

Coco Chanel

Throughout this year, florists will avoid extravagance and flashiness in bouquets. Moreover, they suggest sticking to an eco-style. The flowers used to make bouquets are light and modest, and the packaging of such compositions must also meet the requirements of relevance and minimalism.

Bouquets of this year will be sophisticated and minimalist, moderated by shades. The composition should seem that the flowers have just been plucked from the flower bed. The mainstream in the design of modern bouquets is the minimum usage of various kinds of polymer packaging and plastic, as well as any other material.

Floristry trend - the flowers look like just plucked from the flower bed


The Main Stream of Floristry Trend

When designing original flower compositions, modern florists choose irises, poppies, tulips, roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and fragrant flowers – lavender, peony roses, and jasmine.
In addition, florists use dried flowers in modern bouquets, making us take a fresh look at previously familiar arrangements. Furthermore, dried flowers look great together with fresh flowers, adding a new element. This new layer of dimension makes the trendy bouquets look stylish. In modern bouquets of dried flowers, florists use delphinium, pampas grass, ears of corn, and other types of herbs. These dried additions look quivering and gentle.

Dried flowers look great together with fresh flowers


Floristry Trend – Mono Bouquet and Mini Bouquet

The top of modern floristry intention also includes graceful compositions that highlight a single flower. Experts consider mono bouquets made up of flowers of the same type and color scheme as the floristry trend of 2023. Peonies, peony roses, hydrangeas, and roses will create a spectacular mono-bouquet.

Florists consider peonies and peony roses very popular for making mono bouquets. Masters offer mono bouquets in the form of classic bouquets. For the packaging, they suggest using paper or a box.

Fashionable mono bouquets will be an excellent choice for demanding persons who can appreciate charming flower arrangements of the same type and shade. In addition, to mono bouquets, you should pay attention to mini bouquets or arrangements consisting of just one flower. This composition looks incredibly sophisticated and cute and makes for an elegant centerpiece.

The top of modern floristry is graceful compositions highlighting a single flower


Here and Now – Delicious Compositions

This year, there is a lot of interest in edible bouquets composed of different delicious items. Modern compositions consisting of fresh flowers, as well as fruits or citrus, look pretty. For example, a chic box with flowers and multi-colored macaroons can be a lovely gift for cute girls.

Moreover, for fans of quite unusual bouquets and compositions, experts offer creative solutions in the form of a combination of sausage, cheese, and their favorite drink. Of course, this can be an excellent bouquet idea for men who will certainly appreciate such a present.

A chic box with flowers and multi-colored macaroons


Floristry’s Trend in Packaging Bouquets: Gift Bags, Envelopes, and Box

We’ve already discussed flower packaging as an essential aspect of trendy floral creations. This year, experts suggest choosing an unusual type of packaging with a fashionable flower arrangement to surprise a hero of the moment, not just an ordinary bouquet. There are various packages, such as wooden boxes, envelopes, or gift bags.

The bouquets of this year are offered in new formats when florists surprise us with the simplicity of the composition itself and, at the same time, propose unusual packaging ideas.
Gift bags with “windows” for flowers and boxes made of wood or cardboard with comfortable handles will deliver magnificent floral delights. The floral arrangements in cups offered by some florists are astonishing.

Unusual types of packaging: wooden boxes, envelopes, or gift bags.


Timeless or Fashion: Bouquets and Wrapping Paper

A traditional bouquet is fresh flowers wrapped in paper. The paper must be in muted colors. It is only an additional element in a bouquet, by no means an accent element of the composition.
Creative florists offer the best stylish bouquets in a paper complemented by mesh. They also use two shades of paper to set off each other.

Arrangements like cones will be very original solutions. Designers also compose them using either monochrome or striped paper, making the bouquet look sleek and refined.

Timeless or Fashion: Bouquets Wrapped in Paper of Two Shades


Floristry Trend and a Bride’s Bouquet

Separately, we would like to talk about fashionable compositions for brides. Nothing trifle should overshadow the wedding day, especially one of the principal elements of the image as a wedding bouquet.

Trendy minimalism and eco-style will affect wedding bouquets in 2023. It should become greener, remaining as simple as possible and without frills. For this, florists will use a large amount of greenery and herbs.

It is essential to create a wedding bouquet that shows simplicity and taste, which is why specialists choose ranunculus for wedding bouquets. By the way, many florists think they are suitable for another floristry trend, the mono bouquet.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that new bouquets will be able to surprise and impress everyone, being not only an addition to the main gift. They can also become the main present, for example, as a birthday gift or for any special occasion.

Trendy minimalism - «green» bridal bouquet


As in any creative activity, floristry has its own fashion aspiration, trends, and ways of development. And if you are searching for a bouquet made according to the latest floristry trends, browse our catalog.

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