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Flowers for Father: or Surprise on Father’s Day

Anyone can become a father, but only a rare person becomes a dad. Dads are the family’s backbone, and they significantly influence our lives. Therefore, we must show them how much we care about them. In the UK, Canada, India, France, the United States, and many other countries, this day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June, and what better way to celebrate than to send them flowers? Mother’s Day flowers are the first gift that comes to mind to give moms. But when it comes to fathers, we are not sure that flowers for dads can be a better fit than other gifts on Father’s Day.

We have studied the issue of flowers for fathers, and today we are glad to reassure you that there are many flowers to choose from that make an unforgettable gift to give to your dad. Here are some options to send on Father’s Day.

A family barbecue on Father's Day


Flowers for Father –  a Surprise on Father’s Day

That was when the world wasn’t so big and I could see everywhere.

It was when my father was a hero and not a human.
Markus Zusak


If you want to impress your father, flowers are the perfect choice for a gift on Father’s Day. Surprise him with something that will catch his attention instead of giving him a mug, socks, tie, or a spread gift. Thinking outside the box is always a good strategy.

A Father’s Day celebration is about recognizing his accomplishments as a father and recognizing what an extraordinary individual he is. Although flowers may not be the first thing your father could ever imagine getting on this festive day, it’s an unexpected surprise that is sure to make him smile. He is the superman in your life, but sometimes he needs to stop and smell the roses.

Flowers for Father: a basket of roses

Corporate World and Flowers on Father’s Day

Fathers in your office deserve gifts to show them how much they are appreciated, so we’ve compiled a list of various items you can give them. Wait! Is it appropriate to give a gift on Father’s Day to people in the corporate world? It is an interesting question, and in general, we would say yes. However, it would be better if you first studied the traditions of the receiving country. Nevertheless, we have a few quick guides and suggestions for you.

Do not complicate things: while Mother’s Day can get lavish, Dad usually prefers something less significant. Spend intelligently, not carelessly: sure, the mishmash of a beer opener, flamethrower, photo frame, and coffee mug is super-duper, but save that for your kids. Be thoughtful: even just a monogrammed pen can go a long way in building corporate relationships and respecting fathers. And, of course, floral gifts are always an unsuspected hit.

Flowers for Father: noble gladioli


Types of Flowers for Father

It’s no surprise that selecting personalized flowers for fathers is one of the most difficult tasks out there. In the past, giving men flowers was something inappropriate. However, things have changed, and more men wish that they would get flowers for special occasions. You can do something unexpected and stigma-breaking with flowers for your father as a special gift. If you are looking for a bouquet for men – colleagues, bosses, business partners, and good friends, you should strictly follow the rules of etiquette.

A classic bouquet for fathers contains one type of flower in a single color scheme: colors depend on their age and temperament. Soft and discreet shades suit aged people better while bright colors are always good for the young ones. The phlegmatic person will find perfect harmony in calm (but not pastel!) shades, and the choleric — in a mix of contrasting shades. Colors should be bold and saturated: red, purple, orange, white, burgundy, and blue. But you need to avoid sharp color transitions or excessive diversity.

Tropical, Exotic, and Imperial

Irises are traditional holiday flowers. In Japan, irises are considered a samurai flower. Its elongated leaves resemble long samurai swords. Therefore, the plant personifies courage. To be more precise, the samurai spirit, honor, and courage.

Irises as floral samurai


A tropical flower such as an anthurium is one of the most popular gifts for dad. The anthurium flower is considered a symbol of success and prosperity. The inhabitants of Colombia always have this plant at home if they want to attract good luck and wealth. They believe that the flower carries good energy.
An anthurium in a bouquet fits your father, and in an elegant pot, it will suit your colleagues, business partners, or employees as a living plant.

Tropical anthurium and orchid for a father


Also, a bouquet in white and blue tones or a bouquet of freshly cut chrysanthemums is always a great choice! Eastern culture endowed them with deep symbolism. They believe that flowers signify long life and prosperity, and rebirth, and it makes them a popular holiday gift. In addition, in Japan, the chrysanthemum is the imperial flower, which symbolizes the highest power and is the official coat of arms of the country. However, in some parts of Europe, the flower symbolizes death and is used exclusively at funerals. Therefore, be careful when sending chrysanthemums to Europe as a holiday gift.

Flowers are often overlooked as a present for dads; however, they can be a great Father’s Day gift because you can customize the bouquet or arrangement based on their preferences. You can also include other presents along with the flowers. The good news is you can’t go wrong here. You want to brighten their day and let them experience the thrill of getting flowers on a special occasion.

Floral sapphire - chrysanthemum variety Elison


Don’t overthink things too much. Just browse our catalog and find something that calls to you or makes you think, “They are going to love this!”


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