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Lucky Flowers for Weddings Make the Day

Flowers are one of the major decor elements that every wedding has — but most couples have no idea how to choose them or how to budget out. It’s not just their beauty that makes wedding flowers particularly special or lucky. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the strong scent of herbs at weddings would scare away evil spirits. Moreover, based on their folklore, flowers aren’t just a way to ward off bad energy.

A lot of cultures believe certain flowers attract good luck as well as being auspicious. And you may be surprised to learn how many flowers are not only beautiful but can bring good fortune.
Today we will explore a list of flowers that will work well and a few popular ones that you might want to avoid at the wedding ceremony.

Lucky flowers for weddings; Wedding tent

Lucky Flowers and Fortune

A beautiful bouquet or a long-lasting flowering plant is a traditional gift for women,

but I have recommended that both men and women keep fresh flowers in the home

for their beauty, fragrance, and the lift they give our spirits.

Andrew Weil

A symbol of love and purity is the love gardenia. Classic flowers for Southern weddings, but seen less in other regions, gardenias and magnolias are gorgeous, feminine flowers. A sweet white bloom with pretty leaves adds texture and dimension to bouquets and centerpieces. Since ancient times, the gardenia has symbolized love, wisdom, and fidelity, so the plant is great for decorating wedding ceremonies. You can make lush bouquets of gardenia flowers, a single flower as a boutonniere, or as decorations. The use of a flower in marriage promises that the newlyweds will love each other for many years.

Of course, today, the most popular are those compositions that look better than others in photographs. However, do not forget about the symbolism of the flower language.
Orchids are a pledge of great devotion and caring attitude a husband to his wife. Lilies represent hope and happiness; they promise stability in family life. Chrysanthemums mean closeness, sincerity, and trust between spouses. Rosemary is an ancient, biblical plant that the ancient Romans considered a symbol of lovers and used in wedding ceremonies. In the Middle Ages, it symbolized fidelity and reliable protection. Rosemary also makes a dapper boutonnière.

Chinese, Indian, Persian, and many European cultures consider orange blossoms a symbol of purity and fertility because orange trees produce fruit and flowers. Queen Victoria wore an orange blossom crown at her wedding in 1840.

But not every flower is appropriate for a place of honor in a wedding bouquet because they all carry different energies.

Lucky flowers for wedding: Flowers of orange tree radiating good luck

Wedding Bouquet No-Nos: The Worst Choices

Why should some flowers be avoided at the wedding ceremony? Although most flowers convey good vibes and positive intentions, you’ll want to steer clear of those that symbolize negative energy, such as Begonias. It is symbolic of “beware,” and Tansy is symbolic of “hostility.” Color also plays a significant role in the meaning of a flower. It’s no secret that everyone’s favorite wedding flower, the rose, has different meanings depending on its hue. The belief is that red flowers represent passion, but they may also signify frequent arguments and emotional clashes between spouses.

However, combined with white roses, the bouquet has a different meaning: consent, unity, and mutual respect. Pink or cream roses speak of tender affection, fidelity, and purity of feelings. If you want to make sure your bouquet includes only roses, tell the florist not to leave any thorns: getting injured at the ceremony is considered a bad omen.

Lucky flowers for wedding: Pink roses

At first glance, tulips can compete with roses. Tulips are an attractive choice for a wedding. They’re available in a dazzling array of bright colors atop graceful, light green stalks. But unfortunately, they don’t survive the entire day of the wedding. The flowers will wilt, and the petals will fall.

Beautiful and Dangerous

Calla is a beautiful offshoot of the lily family. It’s an excellent pick for a wedding flower, but… There is one not-so-little thing: the ceremony must be without children or pets. Calla lilies are incredibly toxic and even fatal if swallowed. To avoid an accident, they must be excluded from the wedding bouquet. And for this reason, they cannot be lucky flowers.

Chrysanthemums are adorable but the worst flowers for allergy sufferers due to the massive amounts of pollen they exude. They can be used only at an outdoor ceremony, the sound of sneezes might drown out your vows in an indoor setting!

The daffodil is another representative of flora that can lead to health problems. Creamy yellow flowers of daffodils are a great choice for a centerpiece or altarpiece. Just don’t put them in your bouquet. They can provide contact dermatitis or skin irritation known as “narcissus itch.” As a result, a scaly rash on your hands appears. This can worsen: if you touch your eyes or face, it can spread.

Now you know which flowers will bring happiness to the newlyweds and which ones should be excluded from the list of those invited to the ceremony. The choice is yours. Nothing sets the stage for an unforgettable wedding quite like lavish bouquets of lucky flowers: whether it’s just simple bouquets for the bridal party or a whole church full of ornate arrangements.

Lucky flowers for wedding: White roses

The right flowers can really brighten your wedding day.

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