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Is it 1 or 101? The messages hidden in how many flowers you give

A most hearty welcome to the blog by, an international flower delivery service! In our pilot blog entry, we thought it seemed appropriate to talk about the general role that flowers play in our lives, and discuss the concept of a language of flowers, which, obviously, is a topic worthy of an entire series of articles. Specifically, did you know that even the number of flowers in a bouquet can convey symbolic meaning, so you can send a message to somebody just with how many flowers you choose for a floral arrangement? Let’s dig in!

Even the number of flowers in a bouquet can convey symbolic meaning.
Flowers are stories, and the number of flowers is significant!

Flowers are eternal

To live, you need the sun, freedom, and a small flower.
Hans Christian Andersen

Throughout its entire history, the humankind has lived alongside plants, and there is nothing more precious on the planet Earth than a flower — this fragile gift of nature. A flower is also poetic, with delicate music in its harmony of forms, and picturesque in its lines of beauty; no wonder we have been using them to decorate our homes and backyards since the beginning of time. Legends and fairy tales about flowers have inspired a multitude of poets and composers, and works of art created around them sound like an anthem to nature, tenderness, and love.

As far back as 3000 BC, gardeners of the East cultivated roses, poppies, and lilies of the valley, and seeds and leaves of jasmine have been found in the pyramids of Egypt. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and violets were also grown in those times, along with ornamental and fruit trees — but the rose was the favorite flower.

Reverence to flowers depicted on an Ancient Egyptian parchment.
Leaves of jasmine have been found in the pyramids of Egypt.

In Homer’s “Iliad” and “Odyssey,” we can read about the gardens of Ancient Greece; Greek philosophers believed that growing flowers is the secret to being happy all your life. To that, we can add: if you want the life of your loved ones to be happy, give them flowers more often!

Flowers are stories

Every ethnicity in the world has come up with beautiful stories to associate with particular flowers: each kind of flower has its story, and the oldest stories have become legends that may influence the way we see flowers even today.

For example, in China and Japan, there is a concept of the Four Noble Gentlemen: bamboo, the plum tree, orchid, and chrysanthemum. They are especially revered, glorified in myths and celebrated in poetry. Each of them symbolizes beautiful human qualities. Chrysanthehum stands for courage, plum for hope, orchid for youth, and bamboo for honesty and gentle strength.

Symbolism of flowers: the Four Noble Gentlemen.

Indeed, flowers accompany us all our lives. People give mothers flowers when they gift birth. Bouquets make us happy on our birthdays and at parties. They even make special dates, such as our wedding day, even more memorable, and they comfort us in old age. Both at home and at work, in the hot summer and in the bitter cold, we need flowers because without their beauty, life is rendered poor.

The number of flowers carries a message

Giving flowers is an ancient tradition, and in many cultures, language of flowers plays an important role. Besides the types of flowers and their colors, which convey a special meaning, even the number of flowers in a bouquet can be significant!

1 flower: A single flower can symbolize unity, the concept of “one heart.”

3 flowers: “I love you.”

4 flowers: Not a good number for a bouquet in many cultures. In some cultures, the number 7 is also avoided.

5 flowers: Happiness, goodness, and luck. There is even a saying, “Five blessings on your doorstep!” in some cultures that accompanies giving a five-flower bouquet.

10 flowers: Admiration; this number of flowers says, “You are ten times golden, and ten times beautiful.”

11 flowers: “One heart,” “One meaning for two.” Very often presented to a spouse.

12 flowers: Symbolizes a whole year, so it can mean “loving you every month.” Such bouquets are appropriate for the anniversary of your first meeting, your wedding or first date.

16 flowers: “I wish you happiness.” Usually given to a friend or relative.

19 flowers: “Be together all your life,” customary for a wedding.

21 flowers: “The most beloved,” “Love to the point of self-abandonment.”

25 flowers: “A declaration of love.”

27 flowers: “I love my wife.”

29 flowers: “Forever loved.”

36 flowers: “Let every day be joyful.”

101 flowers: “You are the one!”

But no matter how many are in a bouquet, fresh flowers carry a special positive energy. If you want to share that energy with your loved ones across the world, we are always ready to help!

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