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Floral Diplomacy and Flower Legacy: Liechtenstein’s Tradition

In the heart of Europe, bordered by the majestic Alps, lies the Principality of Liechtenstein—a nation where flowers do more than just bloom. They tell a story of tradition, diplomacy, and identity. This article explores the intricate role of floral diplomacy in Liechtenstein’s cultural heritage and how it has become an integral part of the nation’s identity. The Principality of Liechtenstein, nestled between Austria and Switzerland, boasts a rich history and cultural heritage. Among its many treasures is a tradition that blooms with vibrant colors and delicate fragrances—the blossoming legacy of Liechtenstein carries deep symbolic meanings reflecting the nation’s identity and values. This floral diversity truly represents the Principality’s floral patrimony.

Earlier, we talked about using flowers as national symbols. Today, we will explore the fascinating topic of the Principality’s floral diplomacy. Let’s explore the beautiful world of flowers at this appealing destination!

The traditional flowers of Liechtenstein

The Christmas wreath: a sacred symbol or just a home decoration?

Christmas is just around the corner, and the brightest pinnacle of the winter holidays is, of course, a lush fir tree. In our previous article, we also talked about the origin of the flower of the Holy Night — another Christmas staple, the poinsettia. But among all the gorgeous winter decorations, the adorable Christmas wreath, also called the Advent wreath, deserves a truly special place! Is it really a meaningful attribute of any Christmas, or just a flashy piece of décor? Why do we adorn our homes with wreaths for the Christmas holidays? Today, let us explore how the custom to decorate the house with a holiday wreath appeared, and talk about the related traditions.

young woman in a rocking chair in front of a fireplace decorated for Christmas

Angelica, marigolds, rose, acacia, or What dreams may come

The symbolism of flowers inspired many famous writers, artists, and composers. The world of flowers is stunning. Like music, they create an exciting state of beauty. They can dance in the wind, bring happiness, and highlight any occasion.

When we look at them, we get great pleasure and a sense of contact with something beautiful, which must be why flowers are one of the most popular themes in art.

Composers have often used the symbolism of flowers to convey the nuances of human feelings in their music. There’s hardly a flower in the world that no composer ever wrote about! Today, let us talk about their symbolic power.

The fantasy world of flowers


Rooted in history: flowers used as symbols of state

Today, let us explore the fascinating topic of using flowers as national symbols — something that began to happen when the first nations were born. One of the first coats of arms, or at least its prototype, appeared in Ancient Greece where seals with embossed flower shapes were used to verify documents. And just like roses, lilies, and carnations adorned the shields of medieval knights, several countries of today sport orchids, chrysanthemums, and rhododendrons on their national colors and coats of arms — times may change, but flowers remain!

Flowers as national symbols: Ukrainian flag landscape

Flowers and sports? A mix for the ages! History of the Olympic bouquet

Being an athlete is a ton of pressure, and for those who want to end up standing on a winners’ podium holding an Olympic bouquet, the choice is narrow: either go for the win, or bury all your hopes in soft couch pillows. By extension, the awards on those huge global events also tend to reflect this make-or-break mentality, even if they are floral! Today, we are going to explore the history of the Olympic flowers, a trademark of a true winner.

Olympic flowers: the Olympic rings in blossoms

Weddings and flowers — a combination from time immemorial? Apparently not

Nowadays, a wedding bouquet feels like a staple of any marriage, but has it always been this way? Today, let us discuss when and where the romantic accessory first appeared, some of its current styles, and why brides throw it at the wedding ceremony.

The origins of the wedding bouquet

Uncovering the secrets of the cactus: Part two. The magic powers

The cactus is not a plant so it’s a good idea to offend. So we’ve decided to dedicate not one, but two articles to its endless awesomeness! In part one, we talked about the legends behind its origins, and how it got its spines and blossoms. We also talked about how it can protect your home from negativity — today. Let’s delve deeper into the subject of the uncanny mystical powers of the cactus. Scientists, steer clear.

Mystical powers of the cactus: under the stars

Uncovering the secrets of the cactus: Part one. Tales and legends

Our journey into floral lore continues with the cactus, a plant with so many amazing features that it deserves an article in two parts! In part one, let’s look at some of the legends that different cultures have devised regarding where the cactus came from and who gave it its distinguishing spines, and examine a surprising practical way in which the plant can prove useful.

Uncovering the cactus: a cactus collection

The autumn rose, a star incarnate: the legend behind the aster

Have you ever wondered who was the first lover to promise to get his beloved a star from the sky, to whom we owe the English word “aster,” and what this flower is called in Hungary? Make yourself comfortable. Today, we are going to talk about the secrets of the aster: a star-like beauty, that, although winter is around the corner, continues to blossom and tell its story to its celestials.

Floral legends: the aster

Is it 1 or 101? The messages hidden in how many flowers you give

A most hearty welcome to the blog by, an international flower delivery service! In our pilot blog entry, we thought it seemed appropriate to talk about the general role that flowers play in our lives, and discuss the concept of a language of flowers, which, obviously, is a topic worthy of an entire series of articles. Specifically, did you know that even the number of flowers in a bouquet can convey symbolic meaning, so you can send a message to somebody just with how many flowers you choose for a floral arrangement? Let’s dig in!

Even the number of flowers in a bouquet can convey symbolic meaning.
Flowers are stories, and the number of flowers is significant!