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The Most Popular Flowers in Israel to Use for Corporate Gifts

In the modern world, when companies can be miles apart and still engage in business cooperation, maintaining commercial relationships over huge distances is paramount. But even under such circumstances, you can surprise your colleagues or business partners with personal attention. One option is to order flower delivery. Companies offering related services are in huge demand today, especially those that work worldwide. Demand among customers today is, for example, the delivery of popular flowers to Israel.

If you are interested in the service, ask for help from a company with a good reputation in the market – Israel Florist. You may pay for the service by credit card, cryptocurrency, or other payment methods.

We collected a few examples of the most well-known flowers in Israel, known as the perfect gifts for corporate purposes worldwide. But first of all, we’ll remind you of some tips on how to choose floral gifts for Israel.

Popular flowers in Israel to use as corporate gift

Bouquet Selection and Popular Flowers in Israel

Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities in the world.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is no shortage of popular flowers in Israel throughout the year, but you have to deliver bouquets with care. There are many religious and cultural subtleties to account for. The wrong choice causes an awkward situation.

If you order a bouquet with delivery online, it is crucial to choose it responsibly. Experts recommend paying attention to the following nuances.

Here are some of the most general principles for corporate bouquets.

Bouquet’s Composition

You should choose carefully what popular flowers the composition is made of. There should be a harmonious combination between all plants.

It is also worth considering gift recipients’ taste preferences. If you do not know, you can ask them what flowers they like.

Israel Florist allows you to order different floral arrangements. Among them, you will find the best bouquet.

A harmonious combination

The Proportion and Design Quality of the Composition

Pay attention to what materials florists use to assemble a bouquet. The decorative properties of the entire composition are directly dependent on this. Flowers wrapped in kraft paper look beautiful. Packaging of this type is environmentally friendly and aesthetically attractive.

If it is difficult to understand the bouquet size from the photo, it would be helpful for you to contact customer service. Expert advice is free for everyone. When ordering a large arrangement, it is recommended to have the delivery sent to the recipient’s home. Then they will not have difficulties moving flowers.

Bouquets are collected from popular flowers

Popular Flowers in Israel for a Corporate Gift

There are no particular flower preferences in the country. And bouquets are collected from flora popular everywhere; however, a small clarification needs to be added. In Israel, they divide flowers into three groups. Knowing and considering the list of flowers included in these groups, you will determine the right gift choice.

The first group consists of ordinary flowers: roses, carnations, anemones, tulips, chrysanthemums, daffodils, lilies, gladioli, gerberas, and irises.

The group of particular flowers consists of sunflowers, bluebells, and gypsophila.

Orchids, strelitzias or carnations of paradise, and anthuriums form the group of exotic flowers.

In Israel, when it comes to gift-giving, it is customary to present luxurious, expensive bouquets – floral minimalism is a sign of inappropriate taste.

Three groups of popular flowers

Number of Popular Flowers in a Bouquet

Earlier, we discussed the symbolism of the number of flowers in a bouquet in different countries. Let’s now find out how things are in Israel.

The number of buds in compositions is usually not looked at, but it is customary to give an odd number behind the scenes. When assembling, masters usually suggest “adding another bud for splendor.”

And yet, despite the floral diversity of Israel, some flowers are popular not only in the country but throughout the world. And therefore, they are most often used if it becomes necessary to make a corporate gift to an employee, colleague, or partner around the globe. We suggest paying attention to the two most famous and appropriate flowers as a gift. These are Cyclamen and Sabra Cactus.


We discussed cacti symbolism earlier here. Now let’s talk about cyclamens. These flowers are the most famous in Israel. Cyclamen has become the official symbol of the country since 2007.

A delicate and specific flower growing in the harsh nature of this country carries a story about the hidden beauty of the places where it grows. It deserves admiration for its appearance by everyone.

And, of course, it will be a wonderful gift that will decorate the office space or become a bright accent to the home interior.

The official symbol of the count - Cyclamen

Sabra Cactus

To begin with, the Sabra Cactus is a very unusual flower. By the way, its appearance is not as attractive as the previous members of the list. But it is considered one of the most popular flowers for corporate gifts, though it hides its beauty inside.

The flower received its Israeli name as a way to compare it to the personality of native-born Israelis or Sabras. They are often said to be hard and prickly on the outside but soft on the inside.

Unfortunately, the Sabra Cactus only blooms for 24 hours. Then you can see the transformation of such beauty into a rough, strong flower as it disappears. This is the only flower like it in Israel and deserves to be included on any list of unusual flower gifts.

When given as a gift, it can represent the strength and unwavering nature of the recipient.

Popular cactus

So, whatever the occasion for a corporate gift, now you know, to congratulate colleagues, employees, or partners in Israel, you can use Israel Florist.

It is up to you to choose popular flowers, and we will deliver your floral gift. And now we suggest you:

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  • Make bulk orders for developing and improving your business;
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