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Lucky Flowers for Weddings Make the Day

Flowers are one of the major decor elements that every wedding has — but most couples have no idea how to choose them or how to budget out. It’s not just their beauty that makes wedding flowers particularly special or lucky. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the strong scent of herbs at weddings would scare away evil spirits. Moreover, based on their folklore, flowers aren’t just a way to ward off bad energy.

A lot of cultures believe certain flowers attract good luck as well as being auspicious. And you may be surprised to learn how many flowers are not only beautiful but can bring good fortune.
Today we will explore a list of flowers that will work well and a few popular ones that you might want to avoid at the wedding ceremony.

Lucky flowers for weddings; Wedding tent

Funeral Flowers Etiquette: The Best Support to Send for a Death

Life has a beginning and an end. A cut flower symbolizes the passing of life: just as it quickly withers and dies, so does human life pass quickly. A loved one’s death is a time of grief and sorrow, and we can change nothing. In any case, sending funeral flowers shows that you care, and it is comforting to the family. A flower arrangement is a beautiful way to express your condolences to the family. Funeral flowers etiquette has relaxed over the years and is quite simple.

There has been a tradition associating death and plants since ancient times. According to the Greek myth about the rose, it appeared from the blood of the murdered beloved of Aphrodite – Adonis. Slavs used Spruce to symbolize immortality: they wove wreaths from them for the dead. Each nation has its own beliefs regarding mourning floristry, which you should learn by choosing a wreath or bouquet. Now let’s explore several features of funeral flowers etiquette.

Funeral flower cascade

International Secretary’s Day – a Tribute to Administrative Assistants

The secretary is the essential and indispensable assistant of any leader. They are the people who represent the firm. In addition to a beautiful appearance, the secretary must necessarily have a sense of style.  An assistant, having the ability to dress beautifully, speak competently, and behave in society, forms the company’s first impression on customers. The first impression prepares a decision to continue dealing with the firm or not. International Secretary’s Day pays tribute to administrative assistants for their hard work.

Secretary's Day: The secretary makes a phone call

One Holiday for Two Religions or Two Different Holidays? Equal Gravity of Passover and Easter.

Passover and Easter are holidays of equal gravity. Step by step, they bring to light the deep structures of both Judaism and Christianity religions. Passover and Easter fall early in the spring every year.

Church tradition held that the resurrection occurred on a Sunday. In 325 AD, the First Council of Nicaea decided to celebrate Easter on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, and after the vernal equinox. As a result, Easter did not have a fixed date but tended to be close to the full moon. This date always fell on the 15th of the Hebrew month of Nissan, the start of Passover.

There are many differences between Passover and Easter, but there is also a lot in common between them. And this common lies at the very basis of the holidays. The main characters change, and traditions adapt. But the essence remains the same. Now is the time to explore and learn more.

Equal Gravity of Pesach and Easter

Mothering Sunday: Origins, Traditions, and New Way of Celebrating

On the fourth Sunday of Lent in the UK, Mother Mary, and now all mothers, are remembered on Mothering Sunday. Mothering Sunday is now celebrated much like Mother’s Day in the US, but the dates of the festivals differ. The history of Mothering Sunday in England and the reason for its celebration differ from that of Mother’s Day in the United States.

The similarities in how people celebrate Mothering Sunday in the UK and Mother’s Day in the US are numerous. People give flowers and gifts as they do on Mother’s Day to their mothers, showing them their love and gratitude. Mothering Sunday has always gone a bit deeper. This day shows appreciation of all mothers of the families, including maternal bonds, motherhood, and even how mothers impact society.

Today we will discuss the origins of Mothering Sunday, its traditions, and the modern way of celebrating this festival.

Children give flowers to their mums on Mothering Sunday

White Day is a Reflection of Valentine’s Day: Dark Chocolate and White Marshmallows

In Japan, you can enjoy many traditions and interesting cultural features. Geographically isolated, Japan’s culture is rich, diverse, and authentic. It is a rather unusual tradition for us that women give boxes of dark chocolate to men without asking anything in return on Valentine’s Day in Japan, and men do appreciate them on White Day. The world’s most romantic holiday could not undo strict Japanese traditions, but it could inspire more!

As a culture, the Japanese observe a strict set of traditions and customs. Respect for yourself and others is the number one rule in Japan. Thus, White Day appeared in Japan as a direct result of Valentine’s Day; to even things out. Previously, we discussed the features of floral gifts on Valentine’s Day. Today, besides learning about Valentine’s Day in Japan, we’ll also discuss White Day, a holiday directly related to Valentine’s in Japan.

White Day: Man opening a present

Corporate Bouquets or how flowers help business.

Are you planning a festive event or negotiating a big business deal? A floral gift is a stylish way to impress your colleagues and partners. Corporate bouquets are a staple of the modern business world: they may be charming and simple, or luxurious and exclusive.

It may be appropriate to present a floral composition to a colleague on their birthday or to thank a long-term business partner. You can also mark a company’s anniversary with floral arrangements. We have previously discussed how flowers affect a business; today, let’s talk about business etiquette regarding corporate bouquets.

An elegant corporate bouquet

Desert flowers – the slumbering soul of parched lands

The desert can come alive only for a few weeks or even days, but this does not happen every year. Desert flowers are a unique, fragile, and fleeting natural phenomenon, and they attract many tourists from different countries. In a previous article, we introduced you to cacti living in deserts. To delve into the most exciting, striking moments of desert spring, keep on reading!

Flowering desert

The Lunar New Year: Customs, Traditions, and Beliefs To Improve Gifts

Gunpowder, fireworks, silk way, and dragons entered our lives long ago. Despite their differences, all of these are infused with East Asian culture. The culture of East Asian countries is present in all of these, one way or another. The tradition to celebrate the New Year on the lunar calendar provides another opportunity for a fresh start and excitement for new adventures. Several East Asian countries such as South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Tibet, including China, have their own customs and traditions of celebrating the Lunar New Year. And each country’s celebration dates vary.

Each pattern has many symbols and meanings. So, for instance, an ancient Celestial Empire culture left behind many fascinating things for the descendants to explore. China has a culture steeped in tradition that hasn’t changed in centuries. And we would like to talk about the floristic Lunar New Year customs, traditions, and beliefs connecting with this festival.

Lunar New Year: customs. A traditional golden amulet on red background


The exquisite eustomas: mystery and charm incarnate

Like all true classics, bouquets of roses are appropriate and relevant for any occasion. But when you want to go for something unconventional and bring a touch of mystique to the classic image, eustomas, also called lisianthuses, appear on the stage as a valid choice. They look like roses, but not so defiantly magnificent. In our previous articles, we have already talked about other plants native to the southern countries of North America. Today, let us explore a few interesting facts about the plant, which is among the top ten flowers grown in the Netherlands for the cut.

exquisite eustoma