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Calla Lilies – The Iconic Magical Flowers

A magic flower, a flower of love, a flower of marriage, a flower of death and life — all of these are names for the calla flower. This flower has lived side-by-side with humanity for centuries and has never lost popularity. Today we will talk about the iconic magical flowers – Calla lilies.

Callas cannot fall out of fashion as their gracefulness, beauty, and incredible aroma attract everybody.

The bride’s bouquet of callas fascinates with its grace and sophistication. Designers also used them to decorate holiday halls. Confectioners inspired by the beautiful flower created many sweets and named them after calla lilies. These products surprise and delight the world.

Callas are beautiful and graceful flowers. They will bring a touch of beauty to any holiday and give a lot of positive emotions.

Calla lilies - beautiful and graceful iconic magical flowers

Unobvious Reality of Calla Lilies

The calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower – suitable to any occasion.

I carried them on my wedding day, and now I place them here in memory of something that has died.

Katharine Hepburn

Few people know, but white callas bloom much more often than colored ones. If you want them to bloom often, you need white calla lilies. Moreover, add white callas to colored ones so that the flowers delight you more often.

Unopened cutting callas will not open completely. Experts only cut these blooms for bouquets after the thin, elegant bloom opens completely. Callas can last several weeks in a vase if cared for properly, which is a very long time for cut flowers.

Do not be surprised when you see a green flower on the first calla bloom after planting it. The first flower is always green in these blooms.

And also, calla lilies can predict the weather, which is why they can become your personal weather forecaster. If sunny weather is coming – the foliage is pressed closer to the flowers. But if the rains are coming, then the foliage, on the contrary, becomes sprawling.

Under good conditions suitable for the plant, calla lilies outdoors can grow up to 59 in, which is quite a lot for flowers. You can drop them even behind a small fence. And they will be visible well to those passing by and to you.

Calla lilies - beautiful and graceful flowers


Flowers of Death

People started naming Callas as flowers of death in ancient times because of the juice they secrete. Once in the body, it causes severe poisoning. And, without treatment, which, in general, was not available in those days, a person could die. It was then that it got this terrible name.

Today, this name is still relevant. In many countries, calla lilies are carried to funerals and put on graves. Previously we covered mourning etiquette here. Mostly it happens in Catholic countries. This flower is typically brought to funerals because Catholics believe the yellow core represents a church candle, and the white petals represent a funeral shroud. Also, in Catholic countries, they are usually planted at graves.

There is a belief that calla lilies in the house bloom before someone dies. However, this is more likely to be considered an ordinary coincidence than a strict sign.

Calla lilies as flowers of death


Flowers of Life

Calla lilies are also known as the flowers of life because of the same juice they secrete. This juice helps treat the nervous system, gives the body (in a specific dose and when used correctly) additional energy, and improves immunity. But this is not the most significant thing. The toxic juice is used as an antidote for snake bites. In ancient times they were almost the only salvation from snake bites.

Based on ancient legends, it is regarded as the flower of fidelity and a symbol of sincere love. If a guy gives a girl callas, this symbolizes his great love for her. Callas are added to the wedding bouquet as a symbol of mutual love and a voluntary marriage based on the feelings of lovers.

The flower of fidelity and a symbol of sincere love


Bouquet for Wedding

We talked about choosing a bouquet for the bride earlier. And now, we will clarify the color scheme of the calla lilies wedding bouquet.

White callas are a symbol of the purity of the bride. They also symbolize pure and sincere love between a young couple.

Red or burgundy callas are a symbol of the fact that there is trust and mutual understanding between future spouses.

Purple callas mean unfading passion in a couple. It is an obvious sign that their ardor will always burn between them, and this spark will not go out.

Yellow callas lilies symbolize an easy relationship and complete understanding between future spouses. Also, such callas indicate devotion to the end of days and fidelity.

For a wedding bouquet, you can use either one color or the whole range of colors, giving the composition deeper meaning and attracting more luck and happiness.

Colorful callas for bridal bouquets


Calla Lilies and Beliefs

Many people believe that calla lilies can add more to life than just beauty. Below are a few of the things people around the world believe about calla lilies:

People think peace will always reign in the house if they grow callas in their home, and there will always be mutual and sincere feelings.

Callas help people who have heart problems. Those who believe in the energy of callas think it will improve their heart’s function.

Management should place callas in their working offices. In addition to solving work challenges, people believe their energy assists in resolving various conflicts. Also, this energy can help to conclude profitable contracts and win over.

There is a need to place calla lilies in the bedroom if the spouses have argued strongly. It is believed they will help peace reign again between the quarreling, and fond feelings will flare up with renewed vigor.

Creative persons should hang calla lilies in the room where they create, and inspiration will start to come by itself.

If you have friends who will not meet their love in any way, give them a bouquet of callas and bed linen with an image of calla lilies on any holiday. It is said if you do this, love and family happiness will come into their lives.

A pair of these flowers indicates a wish for you to find your half if you are single and received them.

Unique orange calla lilies bouquet


No matter how many secrets, myths, and legends surround this flower, it does not become less beautiful and cease to be popular. Select calla lilies according to their meaning and present them to the person you have chosen. Without any doubt, your recipient is sure to be grateful and smiling when they receive these lovely blooms, even if they aren’t familiar with the language of flowers.

You’ve learned more about the beautiful calla lily, but don’t stop there!

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