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Flowers as a Reward for Employees

Do you want your company to keep improving and developing? Do you dream of feeling proud of the work done by your staff, but don’t know how to reward employees? There are solutions! Firstly, it is necessary to know that there are two main types of rewards: material and mental. Each of these types has its positive effect, and it is not advisable to give preference to only one of them. Not everything is about money. You can reward employees with an organized trip somewhere, praise your team for a job well done, or give flowers as a reward and recognition. Both material and mental methods of expressing gratitude are equally important.

Previously we discussed how flowers affect a business. Today we will talk about how to use flowers as a reward for employees’ specific milestones.

Flowers are a favorite gift that brings a smile to anyone’s face because they come in different colors and shapes. Flowers seem to make a good impression just by looking at them almost as if they speak directly to your heart and evoke happy emotions. Whether it’s the main gift or an additional gift, flowers as a reward for employees are a perfect gift for so many people, and here are some reasons that prove it.

Flowers as a Reward: An elegant corporate bouquet

Suitable for Any Occasion

Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.

 Norman R. Augustine

Employers often struggle to decide what gifts to give to employees in recognition of their achievements. With their various colors and shapes, flowers can be customized to each person’s preference and personality, and without a doubt, this makes them suitable for many different occasions and events. Everyone is sure to cheer up when they see flowers, regardless of the circumstance. Any company can take advantage of Good Choice Flowers’ streamlined flower service to reward your employees and thank them for their hard work.

Online Order
Employers need to remember a solid employee reward and recognition program has proven itself with measurable results for lower turnover and increased employee loyalty.
Online flower shopping makes this process more convenient than going to a store in person. Moreover, online order helps to avoid the hassle of handling multiple vendors and decrease the chance of things slipping through the cracks.

Employers have the option to show their appreciation to hardworking employees by gifting them affordable flowers, based on the company’s budget and requirements.

A Mood Booster

Flowers as a reward make sure employees feel appreciated. Whether it’s their bright, natural colors or their beautiful scents, flowers boost the mood and they will feel happy and uplifted. Many studies show that flowers lead to peaceful feelings and can help to promote creativity.

Yellow roses are the best reward

Flowers as a Reward for Colleagues

The need to choose a beautiful and stylish bouquet, even for a loved one, can often be confusing. To say nothing of a gift for colleagues, whose tastes we are not always familiar with. But do not worry. In this case, the generally accepted rules of flower and business etiquette, as well as our specialists, will come to your aid.

We have previously talked about business etiquette about corporate bouquets. However, business etiquette is so multifaceted that it even regulates the rules for choosing flowers as a reward. The business field has always had a lot of features. And among the key ones, it is worth highlighting the need to show maximum courtesy and, at the same time, be quite cold-blooded and a little detached. Accordingly, these principles touch on almost all aspects of doing business, including the issue of rewards.

Florists quickly adapted to these trends and immediately presented a new offer – corporate bouquets. These arrangements are stylish and, at the same time, strict. It will demonstrate respect for the employee and, of course, emphasize the status of the leader. It is essential to possess excellent taste and know flower etiquette to make a good impression.

Gerbera daisies are the most suitable flowers for this purpose. They have many cheerful colors including pink, yellow, peach, orange, and white. They also vary in size, with flowers from 2 to 5 inches across.

Orange gerberas

Nuances of Choosing Flowers as a Reward

When selecting flowers, it is necessary to consider such nuances as the recipient’s status. Furthermore, flower arrangements in bright and unusual shapes are a safe way to present them to women. The ideal option would be callas, lilies, roses, tulips, gerberas, or hydrangeas. At the same time, keep in mind that young employees can give blooms in light colors, while for older women, more saturated, but not colorful, shades are perfect.

Choosing flowers for men is a little bit difficult. But still, nothing is impossible. Give preference to colors of saturated shades. Traditionally, white gladioli, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, callas, or roses are the best option. The appearance of the composition should not be too complex. Facility and conciseness are ideal in this case. And refuse to use various accessories – bows, ribbons, beads, and other things. They are inexplicably inappropriate here.

A win-win option would be a reward with a living plant in the original pot. An employee who has received such a sign of attention will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Using living plant in pot as a flower reward


Colleagues can also receive flowers for many reasons, such as a birthday or a promotion. Just make sure you choose flowers that are appropriate for the occasion.


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